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Dan Satterwhite


Pastor Satterwhite celebrated his 40 year pastoral anniversary in June, 2017.  He sincerely cares for the people of his congregation, teaching and preaching truth and holding fast to the Word of God.  'For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe."  1 Corinthians 1: 21

Camilla Satterwhite

Pastor's Wife

Sister Satterwhite is a great helpmeet to our Pastor and to the church as well!

Serena Satterwhite

Audio/Visual Director
Sister Serena does an excellent job of bringing the sound and projected songs and information into our worship services as our Audio/Visual Director!  She also records the services in order to upload them so we can listen to them again and be strengthened in the Spirit.

Debbie Peterson

Child Evangelism Director
Sister Peterson oversees our Sunday School classes, and ministers to the children through lessons, programs, skits and fun!  She works with a wonderful team of teachers that effectively minister to the children and help them in their journey to salvation.

Niki Boatright

Deaf Ministry Director
Sister Boatright brings the Word of God to those who are hearing impaired.  She and her team sign worship services, as well as the preaching during church, and at special events and functions.

Katelynne Reade

Greeter Ministry Director

Sister Katelynne oversees the greeter team and trains new greeters.  First impressions are everything, and it is her desire that everyone would be welcomed with a handshake and a smile, and feel comfortable as they visit the Pendleton Lighthouse.

Dustin Wilson

Home Bible Studies Director

Brother Dustin is zealous about getting the Word of God into the hearts of others.  If you would like a Home Bible Study, he can make arrangements with any of our knowledgeable Bible study teachers to help you better understand the Word of God.

DeAnna Reade

Hospitality Director

Sister Reade handles the planning and implementing of all of our dinners and potlucks, in addition to gifts and gift baskets for the ministry, and fundraising for supplies.

Heidi Carter

Ladies Ministry Director

Sister Carter brings strength and unity to the ladies of the Pendleton Lighthouse through encouragement in special events, fellowship, and prayer.

Jim Lammey

Maintenance Director

Brother Lammey oversees the general maintenance and upkeep of the House of God, keeping the grounds and building tidy and in good repair for services and all scheduled functions.

Brian Schuette​

Men's Ministry Director

Brother Schuette encourages unity in the men of the church through prayer, working together and fellowship, essentially creating a stronger body of Christ!

Glenna Becker

Missions Director

Sister Becker helps the church see the burden for the lost souls of our own country, but also the burdens that our foreign missionaries carry.  Through prayer and financial giving the Pendleton Lighthouse currently supports nearly thirty foreign missionaries with the hope that we could make even a small difference in helping them spread the gospel to the souls in these countries.

Serena Satterwhite

Music Ministry Director
Sister Serena is in charge of the scheduling, music, and staffing of the music department.  Because of her diligence, we can be free to worship God with liberty, as our song services flow smoothly.

James Schuette

New Convert's Ministry Director

Brother James' goal is that every visitor would feel the love of God and would become an integral part of the family of God at the Pendleton Lighthouse Church.

Dustin Wilson​

Outreach Director
Mark 16: 15 tells us, "... Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  Brother Dustin has a passion that the Pendleton Lighthouse Church would bring the good news of Jesus Christ to our city and beyond before the last trump blow, that the lost would be saved!

Richard Peterson

Prison & Jail Ministries Director & Prayer Director

As the Prison & Jail Ministries Director, Brother Peterson faithfully coordinates weekly services at our local prison and jail in order to bring word of hope, deliverance, and salvation!  He also encourages prayer within the body of Christ. "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God." Philippians 4: 6

DeAnna Reade

Promotions Director
Sister Reade has a mission to reach the city of Pendleton and the surrounding areas to make people aware that we are here.  She designs and creates the annual church calendar & directory and pre-service PowerPoint, makes flyers, business cards, and invitations, uploads sermons to our podcast, updates the church Facebook and Instagram pages, and manages the website.

Zach Reade

Usher Director
Brother Zach trains the ushers, and the upcoming younger cadet ushers, as they keep order in the services, help those in need, monitor the parking lot, and oversee anything else that may be needed in service.

DeAnna Reade

Visitor Follow-Up Director

Sister Reade has a burden to reach out to those who have visited the Pendleton Lighthouse, to encourage them, to pray for them, and to help meet any needs they may have.

Katelynne Reade​

Youth Ministry Director

Sister Katelynne desires for the young people of our city to be saved!  Through devotions, games, outreach, special services, fundraisers and conferences, the youth gather together weekly, learning to put God in the center of their lives!